It is late on a Sunday evening and I am still awake. This would be obvious to those that know me as they know I work the night shift. But that may not be obvious to others. Sunday evening is typically my “me” time. After everyone goes to bed a little earlier I am left awake. This is typically when I get the most thinking done or in this case, work. Tonight I decided to go for a nice 4 mile run to clear my head. It is one of my favorite times to run because I feel more motivated when it feels like the whole world is asleep and I am still grinding away. I love to run. In fact if I could only do one exercise it would probably be running. But tonights run got me thinking. About why I run. Why anyone would run.

We all know we should eat healthy, though what that specifically means for each person can be a little different. However, we know fried food is not healthy, we know cake and ice cream is not healthy and neither are chips, candy bars, or doughnuts. We also know that we should exercise each day. We know the more movement and activity we do, the better it is for our waistline, our heart, our joints, and for our overall health. While we may question what type of exercise is best, the answer is simple: any form of activity/exercise that you will commit to doing will be effective….something is always better than nothing! Nutrition and activity are the two key elements of health…we all know this. We have heard this for years and years.

However, the truth is, knowing this does not make the difference. Knowing you should eat vegetables and watch your portion sizes does not mean you will eat the broccoli instead of the potato chips nor does it mean you will automatically consume the appropriate portions. Knowing you will lose weight if you walk for 30 minutes each day or if you cut out soda, sweet tea, or energy drinks does not mean you will do it.

Instead, we have to find our WHY… knowledge is not enough! Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to be in better health? Why do you want to better yourself? Do you want to decrease your meds? Do you want to avoid the high blood pressure and heart disease you have witnessed in family members? Do you want to have more energy to play with your kids or grandkids? Do you want to like the image you see in the mirror and not feel self-conscious? Do you want to set a positive example or so your loved ones will not see you suffer? WHY do YOU want to be healthy?!?

Right now times are tough, but finding your personal WHY is what can help you turn the corner to start the change process in creating a healthy lifestyle. Remembering your personal WHY is what will keep you committed to the process despite the troubles you may face. The understanding and commitment to your personal WHY is what will help you create healthy habits, thus resulting in a healthy transformation.

Each of our WHYs may be different, but the common thread between all of us striving to live a healthy life is a commitment, determination, and persistence!

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